When Faith And Fellowship Kills

Dr. Paul Zeitz

SOURCE: CEO World This week, Christians and Jews will celebrate Holy Week and Passover, and later in the month, Muslims will begin Ramadan. Millions of Americans will practice their sacred rituals, but without the fellowship that usually accompanies them, thanks to social distancing guidelines and community lockdowns. At least that is the hope of local […]

Understanding and containing the COVID-19 Pandemic

SOURCE: WGNTV A top public health expert and epidemiologist Dr. Paul Zeitz, a former Obama and Trump administration official who worked with Dr. Deborah Birx to combat the AIDS epidemic. Watch Here https://wgntv.com/morning-news/we-talk-to-epidemiologist-dr-paul-zeitz-in-understanding-and-containing-the-covid-19-pandemic/

Are Health Workers Unintentionally Doing Harm in COVID-19 Response

Response requires more aggressive isolation and social distancing restrictions For weeks, U.S. public health experts have urgently called to “flatten the curve” of new COVID-19 infections to prevent health systems from becoming overwhelmed. Initial evidence is showing that social distancing may be working. Unfortunately, a flood of patients are overwhelming in urban and rural hospitals […]

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