Action Alert: 18 November, Global Mobilization Day

Join the Brave Movement and our allies on 18 November for the 2nd Annual World Day for Prevention, Healing and Justice to end Childhood Sexual Violence

Find out the latest on the 18 November landing page on our website.

18 November Social Media Toolkit

Explore our Brave 18 November Toolkit with Advocacy, Social Media and Media tools that you can adapt for yourself, your network or country context.

18 November Key Messaging

We have evidence-based solutions to know what works and what action is needed. The Brave Movement and its partners want G7 and global leaders to act now to implement proactive solutions for prevention, healing and justice and to make real investments, both domestically and globally. Check out the latest messaging here.

18 November Video Submissions

The Brave Movement is inviting our SAGE survivor board, partners and allies to submit short 90-second videos about the importance of 18 November, their support of survivors and what action they are taking to end childhood sexual violence. We will be featuring the videos on our social media and sharing with our partners in the run up to the day and over the 24-hours of 18 November. Follow our simple directions to make your video now.

18 November Briefings for Partners and Allies

Join us for virtual briefings on the toolkits in English, Spanish and French. The first two briefings will be: French on Thursday, October 20, 9:00 – 9:45 am EST, and English on Friday, October 21st, 9:00 – 9:45 am EST. Join them via Google Meet.

How are you mobilizing for 18 November?

The Brave Movement wants to promote what survivor networks and organizations are doing in countries around the world. Let us know your Calls to Action. Contact us and we'll help you amplify your mobilization!

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