Action Alert: TPS for Syria – Signature needed!

Next week, Syrians with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the U.S. will hear whether they’re at risk of deportation to a warzone. 

There aren’t many options left for Syrians fleeing humanitarian crises created by eight years of war — from Trump destroying U.S. refugee resettlement to the Muslim Ban.

We have to do everything we can to protect TPS for Syria. Because if we can get loud enough, we can force Congress to block the Homeland Security and State Departments from deporting Syrians back to a warzone. 

Can you demand your members of Congress act NOW to protect TPS for Syria?

Syrian families with TPS were already forced to flee nearly a decade of incessant attacks from the Assad regime, Iran, Russia, the Islamic State, and the United States’ bombing campaigns in cities like Raqqa. [1]

And instead of reaching welcoming borders after often treachorous journeys, Syrians continue to face bigoted Muslim, refugee, and asylum bans.

That’s why TPS for Syria is SO IMPORTANT. As one of the only options left, it is a lifeline for Syrian families seeking refuge. 

The stakes could not be higher. If we do not save TPS for Syria, Syrians will be vulnerable to deportation — to a warzone and humanitarian crises of mass food insecurity, lack of access to health care, and torture — that the U.S. hasn’t meaningfully helped stop.

So far, the most effective strategy to pressure the Homeland Security and State Departments to keep TPS for Syria — is for Congress to make noise, issue statements and defend TPS. And that’s why we have to get LOUD so Congress hears us today. 

Please urge your members of Congress to send a clear message to the Trump administration: TPS for Syria NOW!

Syrians who already face insurmountable heartbreak, trauma, and suffering from displacement must not be forcefully deported to a warzone they worked so hard to flee. People seeking refuge should be welcomed in our communities, and have the option to voluntarily return home when and if conditions are safe. Until we can fix this broken system that embraces cruelty instead of human security, we have to protect each other. And that means turning up and getting loud when it most counts. This is one of those times. 

Thank you for working for peace,

Stephen and the Win Without War team

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