Africa: The Time for Silence is Over

This is the Year to Stop Child Sexual Abuse

2019 can be the year when the world joins forces to end gender-based violence, child sexual abuse, and incest. The sexual abuse of children is shockingly common across the globe but continues to be shrouded in silence.

Following a 16-day worldwide campaign in November and December to end gender-based violence, child sexual abuse (CSA) and incest, a sustained push against those abuses is necessary.

The topic remains taboo in most homes, schools, workplaces, and faith communities, but the time for silence is over. And society forgets that while girls are most at risk, boys, too, are victims.

CSA encompasses a broad range of harmful behaviors toward children occurring along a continuum  —  from voyeurism to rape  —  usually taking place over an extended period of time. Perpetrators are frequently known to the victim, adding shattered trust to the child’s trauma. Survivors often experience grave physical and psychological trauma and social havoc, sometimes lasting a lifetime.

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