Paul Zeitz is a Revolutionary Optimist

“Revolutionary Optimism is itself an infectious, contagious, self-created way of living and connecting with others on the path of love. Once you commit yourself as a Revolutionary Optimist, you can bravely unleash your personal power, unify with others, and accelerate action for our collective repair, justice, and peace, always keeping love at the center.” 💕 […]

Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Urge Congress to Hold Apple Accountable

Survivors and the Heat Initiative requested Tim Cook to testify before Congress on Apple’s storage and proliferation of child sexual abuse material on iCloud. Reflecting on their experiences, Juliett (they/them) shared, “When I was a teenager, nude photos of me were shared on the internet. Apple chooses not to detect or report child sexual abuse […]

Biden LNG Call In Day Action

Tags and hashtags: Tags: @POTUS, @SpeakerJohnson, @HouseGOP Hashtag: #StopLNG Sample social media posts: 📞 CALL IN DAY 📞 @SpeakerJohnson and @HouseGOP are trying to undo @POTUS’ pause on permitting for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities – which endangers our health and safety while enriching Big Oil. 😡 Call 866-877-5552 to urge President Biden to […]

Emergency Opportunity Podcast (EOP): Call for Biden to Step Aside and an Open Convention

In this special episode of the Emergency Opportunity Podcast, Dr. Zeitz delves into the urgent call for President Biden to step aside in the 2024 presidential race and make way for an open democratic convention. Join the #unifyUSA movement and Landslide PAC’s revolutionary optimism to reshape the future of the United States. Discover why an […]

Revolutionary Times: Rivera Sun on Real Democracy in the USA

Join host Dr. Paul Zeitz in a captivating conversation with activist and author Rivera Sun on this episode of Revolutionary Optimism. Explore Rivera Sun’s transformative journey, from dancer to leading nonviolent movements, as they discuss the roots of activism and the challenges facing the U.S. in the midst of an authoritarian takeover of our feeble […]

Ann Pettifor’s Books of 2023

In a comment on my last post Paul Zeitz urged us all to treat the current polycrises as an opportunity to spark a peaceful revolution and create new social, economic, and political systems that place love at the center for our collective repair, justice and peace. The collapse and crises you describe is our moment […]

Revolutionary Optimism: A Path Forward for 2024

In this Emergency Opportunity Podcast (EOP), we reflect on the trials and triumphs of the past year and explore the profound insights shared by our diverse array of guests. Dr. Zeitz discusses the powerful lessons learned from Rep. Barbara Lee, Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson, Rabbi Shefa Gold, and Congressman Jamie Raskin. He emphasizes the […]

Revolutionary Optimism: 11th Episode: Navigate Constitutional Crossroads, Congressman Jamie Raskin

Revolutionary Optimism: 11th Episode: Navigate Constitutional Crossroads, Congressman Jamie Raskin. In this episode, Dr. Paul Zeitz engages in a heart-to-heart with Congressman Jamie Raskin, a dedicated public servant and prominent figure in American politics. Join them as they discuss the pressing challenges facing American democracy, the looming threat of authoritarianism, and the urgent need for […]

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