Be a Climate Action Champion with BAM 2020

Be a Climate Action Champion today

We will not fail. Join us online and be one of our first 100 Climate Action Champions of BAM 2020.  You too can be part of transforming the world. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Click here and sign our petition in support of Climate Restoration. 
  2. Share the petition on your social media urging others to sign.
  3. Click here and contact your legislators in support of Climate Restoration. You’ll be stunned how easy it is.
  4. Share the link to invite others to speak out in defense of planet earth.
  5. And we need even $1 in support to show the growth of this movement. Click here and make a donation today. 

After you’re done with these simple steps, we will post that you are one of the first 100 Climate Action Champions of Build a Movement 2020! And you can download our FREE Guide to Climate Restoration here

Are you ready to lead? Will you sign your name in bold to change the world? Do you want to be one of the first 100 Climate Action Champions of Build A Movement 2020 (BAM2020)? 

We invite you to help build this movement so that we together we can have an impact in the next year. 

This is not a group for talk-talk. We will be a movement determined to catalyze bold action. We will be offering opportunities so that our collective action that can be done in seconds. We will show you how to galvanize and lead a movement with little more effort than taking and posting a selfie online. 

Same actions, but far, far different result! 

Because if we don’t take action, nobody will. If YOU don’t take action, who will? 

Our government dithers on climate action

While our government dithers, the responsibility falls on us as citizens. 

The U.S. population makes up just 5% of the global population but contributes nearly 30% of global greenhouse gases each year. 

We must face the fact that the human species is threatened and that we’ve collectively been complicit and complacent up to this point in the face of the climate catastrophe that is here now.

As heatwaves, floods, fires, massive storms, and droughts impact Americans’ daily lives, we are coming to realize that the next decade will determine the fate of future human generations. We are at the precipice.

To meet this challenge, we must urgently mobilize to build a movement that will decisively win the next election and will go on to serve as relentless watchdogs to hold the next President accountable for addressing the climate emergency during his or her term.

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