Biden LNG Call In Day Action

Tags and hashtags:
Tags: @POTUS, @SpeakerJohnson, @HouseGOP
Hashtag: #StopLNG

Sample social media posts:

  • 📞 CALL IN DAY 📞 @SpeakerJohnson and @HouseGOP are trying to undo @POTUS’ pause on permitting for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities – which endangers our health and safety while enriching Big Oil. 😡 Call 866-877-5552 to urge President Biden to stand up and #StopLNG!


  • LNG exports harm our climate, communities and economy. Call 866-877-5552 now and tell @POTUS to stand up against @SpeakerJohnson and @HouseGOP’s attacks on his new LNG export approvals pause, strengthen it and take additional action to address the climate crisis. #StopLNG  


  • 📱 CALLS NEEDED 📱 It’s a good step that @POTUS issued a pause on new LNG export facility permits – and now we need to call on him to stand strong against @SpeakerJohnson and @HouseGOP’s attacks on it. Make your voice heard by calling 866-877-5552 today! #StopLNG   


  • ☎️ CALL 866-877-5552 NOW ☎️ @SpeakerJohnson and @HouseGOP are putting people and our planet at risk – while raising prices for consumers – by trying to undo @POTUS’ pause on new LNG export approvals. Let’s urge President Biden to stand strong, strengthen the pause and #StopLNG! 
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