COVID-19 Heightens Need to Build a Movement for Change

When Build a Movement 2020 launched last year, we focused on five pillars. We took pains to explain how inter-connected these issues are and how systemic change across each would ensure meaningful progress in all.

Then came the COVID-19 global pandemic that has impacted every facet of our lives. This is a health crisis that has created an economic crisis, a health care crisis and a crisis that tests the very nature of our democracy. The lessons we learn in this great battle will teach and train us for the larger issues to come.

But only if we listen and learn. Only if we truly build a movement that can effectively pair legislation, activism and social impact in meaningful ways.

As you know I’m an unreformed optimist, which is why I didn’t wait to publish part 1 of Waging Optimism. I believe a realistic optimistic, action-centered approach to these great crises will help us realize a new world that is safe for humanity, that ends this pandemic, that restores our climate and that builds a new democracy that works for every citizen.

We can’t accept half measures.

We’ve seen this interconnected play out in the news at a time when every headline is COVID-19.

We’ve seen a planet that’s getting well even as we get sicker. This is our Climate Restoration pillar.

We’ve seen an economy painfully learning to adapt to new realities that will become more sustainable in the future. This is our Sustainable Development pillar.

We’ve seen our democracy’s inability to move beyond partisan politics for a national response despite ample time to better prepare for this crisis and save more lives. This is our Heal America pillar.

We’ve seen people from all walks of life come together on Facebook live conversations, Zoom organizational meetings, shared content and progressive action to build a COVID-19 Emergency Response Group. This is the Gender and Health pillar.

To solve one, we must work together to solve all. The vision I have for 2030 seems more likely now than when I first wrote it in the opening pages of Waging Optimism.

We can build a movement that can ensure change across the pillars that makes each stronger.

I invite you to join this Earth protecting, humanity saving, democracy building, Purple Tsunami of historic change.

Click here an add your name to our pledge.

Click here and contact your legislators to demand rapid testing for COVID 19.

Visit the Dr Paul Zeitz Facebook page at 3PM eastern Mon., Wed. and Friday for a live chat and reliable information about COVID-19 that can help you and your loved ones stay safe.

Repost this article to your social networks and invite other to take action as well.


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