Action Opportunities: Brave Movement to End Childhood Sexual Violence

Dear Friend: Thank you so much for being part of the first ever #BeBrave Global Survivors Action Summit (full video linked here and press release here). We hope that we can join forces with you and your networks to build a global movement to end childhood sexual violence. Our movement belongs to everyone. Here are […]

Christian Faith Leaders Call On Biden-Harris Administration To Take Immediate Executive Action

April 18, 2021,  LOS ANGELES, CA — Today, social impact production company Fame Currency and its racial justice initiative #breathewithme Revolution joined forces with Sojourners and the Black Music Action Coalition to produce a national call on the Biden-Harris Administration to establish a United States Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT).   In a new campaign video, “The Word is Calling Us,” #breathewithme Revolution […]

Call for Bold Presidential Initiative to End Sexual Violence Against Children

The Keep Kids Safe Movement is calling on the Biden-Harris Administration to launch a bold Presidential Initiative to end sexual violence against children and adolescents  during the first 200 days of the Administration. Additionally, we are asking for April 8th to be designated as the “World Day for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Healing, and Justice.” […]

COVID-19 Heightens Need to Build a Movement for Change

social distancing

When Build a Movement 2020 launched last year, we focused on five pillars. We took pains to explain how inter-connected these issues are and how systemic change across each would ensure meaningful progress in all. Then came the COVID-19 global pandemic that has impacted every facet of our lives. This is a health crisis that […]

Are Health Workers Unintentionally Doing Harm in COVID-19 Response

Response requires more aggressive isolation and social distancing restrictions For weeks, U.S. public health experts have urgently called to “flatten the curve” of new COVID-19 infections to prevent health systems from becoming overwhelmed. Initial evidence is showing that social distancing may be working. Unfortunately, a flood of patients are overwhelming in urban and rural hospitals […]

March 29, 2020: Mobilizing Globally for EARTH HOUR 2020

build a movement

Dear Friends: Greetings!  I hope this email finds you and your family healthy and safe.  As the global COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded over these last days and weeks, we are in need of connection and solidarity as a way of cultivating our courage, resilience, hope, and awareness of the love all around us.  As people […]

Impact On Political Gridlock: BAM 2020

Impact On Political Gridlock: BAM 2020 The people who want to blow up the current system of political gridlock may find something to like in the program called BAM 2020. BAM is actually an acronym for Build A Movement, a movement aiming to unite people behind a number of issues, with climate change at the […]

The Day the We Take Action for Good

giving tuesday

Have you shaken off the Turkey Slumber yet? Are you ready to take action?  Did you shop ‘till you dropped on Black Friday, or you more of a click-it and get-it type that lives for Cyber Monday? If so, are you ready to click-and-take action?  Whatever you did, I hope you had a marvelous holiday […]

Be a Climate Action Champion with BAM 2020

climate action

Be a Climate Action Champion today We will not fail. Join us online and be one of our first 100 Climate Action Champions of BAM 2020.  You too can be part of transforming the world. Here’s how easy it is: Click here and sign our petition in support of Climate Restoration.  Share the petition on your […]

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