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Join Us in Responsible Climate Restoration

We’ve all heard the term climate change, but what makes it a climate emergency? An emergency is an urgent incident dramatically occurring, causing someone or something damage. Right now, the WORLD IS UNDER AN EMERGENCY! Temperatures are rising, icecaps are melting, and the ocean capacity is at an all-time high. Carbon emissions are killing our world and hurting plants, animals, and humanity as a whole.

We are living in a climate emergency.
We need world leaders to acknowledge and implement the change necessary to preserve our Earth.
We need to save our Earth together!

ACT NOW! Join The Movement to Heal America and Restore the Climate!

The Healthy Planet Action Coalition

An international organization that advocates for an urgent and more ambitious global response to climate change.
The world needs a climate restoration plan that will limit global warming to below 1° C.

An effective and responsible plan will integrate three approaches:

1. Cooling the planet, particularly the polar regions and the Himalayas,
2. Reducing GHG emissions, including methane and other short-lived warming agents, and
3. Removing legacy CO2, methane, and other GHGs from the atmosphere.

Principals of the Partnership

Durability: Carbon removal solutions must be highly durable with a low risk of reversal over centuries.
Performance: A Carbon removal project’s emissions must be measured through transparent emissions accounting, and carbon removal credit is given only for net climate benefit.
Social & Environmental Equity: Carbon removal solutions must be implemented in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
Transparency: Carbon removal project reports, measurements, and verification standards must be adopted and implemented to foster transparency and accountability.
Inclusivity: Carbon removal needs global cooperation inclusive of perspective and benefit from and to the Global South in deploying carbon removal solutions.

Our partnership’s mission is to catalyze a global effort to accelerate the deployment of urgently-needed carbon removal solutions at scale. Through innovative global partnerships, agenda setting, and policy-making, we mobilize bold and transformative action to ensure the survival and flourishing of humanity.

Help Us Heal America with Climate Restoration

By joining you are TAKING ACTION and BUILDING A MOVEMENT for Climate Restoration, you are standing with us, global leaders, politicians, and a network of partnerships working together to reduce our carbon emissions and Restore our Climate for Humanity!


Check out the latest news and announcements involving all of the movements, that Dr.Zeitz and #unify are actively supporting and advocating.

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