Don’t Sweat Change: Inspire Happiness & Kindness!

Revolutionary Optimism: 10th Episode: Don’t Sweat Change: Inspiring Happiness and Kindness in Our Youth

In this heartwarming episode, Dr. Paul Zeitz welcomes special guest Kristine Carlson to discuss her mission to inspire happiness and kindness in today’s youth. Kristine, co-author of the “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” series, shares her personal journey of resilience and joy after experiencing the profound loss of her husband, Dr. Richard Carlson. Discover how her his legacy lives on through her work with Challenge Day, a program focused on connecting and transforming the lives of young individuals, and her exciting initiative, “Don’t Sweat Changemaker,” aimed at empowering kids to lead with love and kindness and fostering acts of change in their communities. Tune in to learn more about this inspiring program and how you can help a future where happiness and kindness are guiding lights for our youth.

In addition, I’m excited to share with you a poem that I shared recently for #RevolutionaryOptimism

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