Earth911 – Call for Climate Restoration Emergency Action

Join Forces To Ensure the Survival & Flourishing of Humanity

You might not have heard it put in these terms, but we humans are on the verge of polluting ourselves out of existence. To learn why, take time on September 17 to watch the Global Climate Restoration Forum, which precedes the United Nations General Assembly and Climate Action Week in New York.

At the last climate conference I attended, a climate expert said that 4 to 5 billion people could die in the next decades and we may all go extinct. The sixth mass extinction is underway, and scientists report that the climate emergency is spiraling out of control — imminently threatening our humanity. First, we lost countless sea-dwelling anaerobic bacteria that could not survive in oxygen. Now we are losing Arctic ice and thousands of species are going extinct.

The clock is ticking. This problem, even though so many of us want to deny it, isn’t going away. That’s the bad news.

Waging justice
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