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End Sexual Abuse Against Children

American children and adolescents are exposed to sexual violence of many forms at a staggering rate. Throughout the pandemic, many children have been separated from safe adults, mandated reporters, and trained professionals who could have protected them. Online child abuse and exploitation, already one of the biggest and fastest-growing crime challenges nationally, has also spiked as children have spent unprecedented time online. Investment in systems that not only prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation from happening in the first place but also those that focus on effective interventions to assist children and families during and after the crisis is critical. Equally important are systems that help victims and survivors heal, thrive, and seek justice to hold offenders accountable and prevent further victimization.

Join The MOVEMENT and help us…

• Use our collective voice to speak out when there is silence.
• Transform shame into our call for bold and transformative action.
• Create a world where adolescents can grow up free from harm.
• Join survivors in their right to HEAL.
• Safeguard homes, communities, sports teams, places of worship, schools, and the online world.

We are a brave survivor-centered global movement fighting to end childhood sexual violence. The Brave Movement is building an international advocacy movement of survivors and allies to mobilize billions of dollars for programs of prevention, healing, and justice around the world.

Join The MOVEMENT and help us…

• Making smart federal policy and funding investments as outlined in the Blueprint.
• Deliver practical and cost-effective programs, policies, and systems that prevent child abuse.
• Deliver effective interventions to assist children and families during and after a crisis and help survivors heal and seek justice.

The Keep Kids Safe Movement is a powerful partnership between organizations, survivors, and allies focused on ending sexual violence against children and adolescents in all its forms – child sexual abuse, incest, child sexual exploitation, rape, sexual violence in dating relationships, and sexual violence among peers. The movement is focused on inclusive, comprehensive, bold, and transformative action from leaders, including prevention to protect this and every generation to come, healing for victims, survivors, and their families, justice for victims and survivors, and accountability for perpetrators and institutions who covered up the abuse.

Join The MOVEMENT and help us…

• Support the groundbreaking Violence Against Children and Youth Surveys (VACS)
• Connect strategies and interventions to end violence against children and violence against women.
• Unite different actors and disciplines that often do not work together to address a multi-faceted problem.
• Center the voices of survivors in order to build political will and shape policy agendas to drive change.

Together for Girls is a global partnership working to end violence against children and adolescents, with special attention to sexual violence. Through data and advocacy, our global partnership drives action to break cycles of violence and ensure prevention, healing and justice. Childhood sexual violence takes on many forms, including child sexual abuse and exploitation, intrafamilial sexual violence, rape, child marriage, dating violence, and sexual violence among peers.

Ending Sexual Violence Against Children

By joining you are TAKING ACTION and BUILDING A MOVEMENT to End Sexual Violence Against Children, you are standing with us, with non-profit organizations, politicians, community leaders, and everyday people working together to END CHILD SEX ABUSE.


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