Global Survivors Action Summit, April 27


The Brave Movement will be hosting a Global Survivors Action Summit on Wednesday April 27, 2022: 9 AM – 11 AM EST

The Summit is the first moment in which the Brave Movement will come together, as survivors and all allies, to align on our demands to end childhood sexual violence. The time is now for this momentous gathering – in just over two months the G7 nations will meet and the Brave Movement will insist that ending child sexual violence is on the agenda.

The Summit is hosted by international journalist and broadcaster Femi Oke, and survivors leaders including:

  • Lawyer, psychologist and human rights advocate, Brisa de Angulo
  • Executive Director and CEO of Together for Girls, Daniela Ligiero
  • Political scientist and member of the German Council of Survivors, Wibke Müller
  • Scottish actor, writer and activist, Matthew McVarish
  • Consent educator and child sexual abuse prevention specialist, Rosalia Rivera
  • with contributions from our allies WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, President of the Oak Foundation, Douglas Griffiths
  • And many more…


The Brave Movement Global Survivors Action Summit Adult survivors of childhood sexual violence will express their experiences and demand what is needed to end childhood sexual violence. Dozens of countries are finalizing their national calls to action, which will become a set of unified global demands to end childhood sexual violence.


Childhood sexual violence is a silent global scourge. It affects children and adolescents of every country, race, ethnicity, caste, religion, sexual orientation and gender. The survivor-centred Brave Movement and all of our allies know how to end childhood sexual violence.


The Brave Movement is building an international advocacy movement of survivors and allies to mobilize billions of dollars for programs of prevention, healing and justice around the world; abolish Statutes of Limitation in every nation across the world; and develop a child-rights driven approach to online end-to-end encryption.

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