Healing America: A New Constitution Day

Can greed be cured? Can the cancer that has stalled our government, bred hatred and division, eroded our Constitution, and exploited hundreds of millions for the betterment of a few be changed? 

Of course, it can. History is full of such movements where the voice of the people was all that was needed to topple corrupt governments, crush systematic oppression like Apartheid and Segregation, and elect new leaders committed to the will of the people.

Our government was formed by the people, for the people, which is exactly what we must do again. And this time, we ensure ALL people are represented, not just those in power who can most benefit from the current illness of greed. 

Think of it like America 2.0. We need a complete change, a political movement that disrupts the current system of greed with a new government for a modern era.

I am convinced that over the next 265 days, in the time between now and the next election on November 3, 2020, several years we can bring a powerful movement, a cross partisan movement,  of people together to enact a new chapter of American government that finally fulfills the promise of our forefathers. 


A bold proposal for America 2.0

I propose that justice-hearted Americans work together to urgently convene a National People’s Convention before the next election in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our constitution. 

I propose that justice-hearted Americans join forces and commit to create an America 2.0 Constitution and to have it signed as soon as possible.—with a demand that our leaders enact it.

I propose that our new America 2.0 Constitution is co-created with a diverse array of American that can together crafts a constitution order that authentically ensures racial, gender, social, economic, and environmental justice for all Americans.

I propose that our new America 2.0 Constitution ensures that all of government institutions — our Supreme Court, our Congress, and the Executive Branch — are structured to guarantee the equality of gender, racial, and geographic representation.

I propose that our new America 2.0 Constitution insures that the America people can fully unleash our innovation, ingenuity, and ambition to ensure the survival and flourishing of all of humanity, and our natural world–for ourselves and for all future generations.

A bold proposal for a new Constitution

Most importantly, I propose that, upon the signing of the America 2.0 Constitution in Philadelphia, we assemble at Independence Mall, we arrange for the Liberty Bell to be placed back up in the bell tower at Independence Hall, and we ring the Liberty Bell, two times, as we usher in Chapter 2 of the United States of America.

Does this sound impossible? 

Well, it’s not, because it’s happened before. America 1.0 was equally unfathomable at that time. We can do it again. We may need a miracle (link to past blog) but we can create it in less than one year, together.

The time for bold action to radically and rapidly dismantle injustice is now and all it takes are a couple of clicks: 

  1. Sign the BAM2020 pledge to demand a government that works for all
  2. Share your pledge with others on social media and invite them to do the same.

You can help shape the next chapter of America.

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