Interview on C View on Quantum Network

Join us for a compelling series dedicated to igniting a transformative movement in America. Drawing from over 35 years of advocacy, campaigning, and political leadership, Dr. Paul Zeitz spearheads a groundbreaking initiative—#unify movements. This movement-building platform is committed to creating new, love-centered social, economic, and political systems aimed at our collective repair, justice, and peace.

In 2023, the peaceful revolutionary political movement #unifyUSA was launched, marking the beginning of a concerted effort to co-create a United States 2.0 through urgent constitutional renewal. #Unify Movements stands as a beacon for a New Interpartisan Social and Political Movement, calling for constitutional renewal and fostering a love-centered future for America.

Through **Revolutionary Optimism**, Dr. Zeitz shares his mission and offers a guiding light for collective action. This series is a rallying cry for unifying people-powered movements, mobilizing individuals from all walks of life to rise in peaceful resistance against the status quo. Dr. Zeitz extends an open invitation to people of all faiths, ages, races, genders, classes, and political affiliations to envision and create a love-centered U.S. 2.0. order book

Tune in to explore how you can be part of this dynamic and hopeful movement. Together, we can co-create a just and peaceful future for all.

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