My Commitment to End Gun Violence in America by 2030

America, If Not Now, When?

My heart is heavy.
This weekend we’ve had some of the worst gun violence our country has ever seen.
22 people were shot dead in El Paso, Texas.
Another 9 people died in Dayton, Ohio, including the shooter, who is dead too.
There was no mass shooting in Chicago, just an ongoing death toll: Over the weekend 7 people died there and 52 others are wounded.
As a boy growing up in Philadelphia, I spent the rare Sunday with my father shooting clay discs with a shotgun or a BB gun. I do not own a gun and I never have. I do not know how to shoot a gun. None of my five boys was ever interested in learning about guns. So, until now, it’s been easy for me to dismiss the gun violence crisis. I’ve always felt like it is someone else’s fault and there has been nothing that I can do about it.

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