New Ways of Being Podcast Interview

Discover how Dr. Paul learned to focus on self-compassion and love, chose to have "self-imposed persistent optimism", and get actively involved in worthwhile movements for worthy causes.

This episode is with guest Dr. Paul Zeitz who wrote the important book Revolutionary Optimism: 7 Steps for Living as a Love-Centered Activist. He is a preventative medicine physician, epidemiologist, author, and award-winning champion of global justice and human rights. One day he realized he had become an anxious pessimist about himself and about the world, and he subsequently went through a transformation and awakening.

Eventually, he learned so many valuable lessons that he was able to write a powerful book to help others live the path of love and choose to actively contribute to our collective healing and transformation. He lays out 7 steps that can guide you through the process, and he provides many supporting strategies, tools, and practices.

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