Open a Book, Open Your Mind – Har Zion After Dark

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

500 Hagys Ford Road Penn Valley, PA 19072

Waging Justice is a memoir by Dr. Paul Zeitz, published by Balboa Press in September 2018. In unflinching prose, Dr. Zeitz shares a lifetime of struggles and hard-won lessons as a doctor, activist, father, and son. His complex dance between healing others and healing himself ultimately transforms the inexplicable anger and disappointment he felt at the state of the world and his own past into full throttled, open-hearted, soul-satisfying action set on a global stage. Waging Justice is a personal story and also a universal one: a story of action, of courage, and of forgiveness; and a rallying cry to wage justice in our lives, speak the truth, be bold, and take action in the world today.

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