President, Presidential Candidates Fail to Address Climate Emergency

Build A Movement 2020–a Crosspartisan Mobilization–Demands the Next President Must Lead “Climate Restoration Emergency Action (CREA)”

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — President Trump shocked the nation and the world by announcing the government will invest in climate action, by supporting the One Trillion Trees initiative.

This head-spinning announcement could make some contribution to climate action, and this small step is woefully inadequate in the face of the ever-worsening climate emergency.  Arctic ice restoration is a top priority to reduce the risk of catastrophic methane releases which could trigger a human extinction event in the next 2-15 years.

“Everyone in the cross-partisan climate restoration movement agrees that the three pillars of climate action are–Restoration, Adaptation, and Mitigation (RAM).  This is the only right way to move forward,” says Dr. Paul Zeitz, Co-Founder of Build a Movement 2020.

Build A Movement 2020 today released the Climate Restoration Emergency Action (CREA) Report Card that demonstrates poor performance on essential climate action by all leading Republican and Democratic candidates–sending a warning to the American public, that our leaders are failing to lead.

In releasing the report card, Dr. Paul Zeitz, Founder of Build A Movement 2020, said, “Voters around the country should be alarmed by the lack of ambition to address the climate emergency by President Trump.”   Zeitz noted that the President scored an F, even after his State of the Union announcement of support for the Trillion Trees Initiative.   All of the Democratic contenders received Cs and Ds.

"All are failing to respond adequately to our climate emergency. Climate Restoration Emergency Action--CREA--is urgently needed, is affordable and achievable,” said Zeitz. “Let's join forces with all Americans and vigorously demand action to restore our climate."

Build A Movement 2020 demands that our next President should lead CREA, a bold, whole-of-government and global effort to catalyze a fast transition to a net-zero carbon economy by 2030, massive carbon dioxide removal, Arctic ice restoration,and climate restoration as fast as possible. By committing to do so, we can ensure the survival and flourishing of all of humanity and our natural world–for ourselves and all future generations.

To download the BAM2020 Climate Restoration guide, click here.

Build A Movement 2020 is a newly forming political movement that connects political parties, movements, coalitions, organizations, and individuals to solve the existential threats facing humanity. Build a Movement 2020 co-founder Dr. Paul Zeitz is a physician and epidemiologist who has dedicated his career to catalyzing large-scale global movements for health and justice.  The CREA Report Card was co-produced with

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