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Join The Fight For Racial Justice
And Unlock The Truth For Racial Equity

Racial Justice. Means humanity coming together to FIGHT for those who CAN NOT fight. We can heal our world, protect everyone’s fundamental rights, and unify our world by recognizing our history and our faults.
We TAKE ACTION against inequality.
We TAKE ACTION against injustice.
We TAKE ACTION, so we can create a HEALING space in America.
By TAKING ACTION and helping us BUILD A MOVEMENT to Help Heal America through Racial Justice, you are standing with us, with organizations, politicians, community leaders, and people like YOU working together to HEAL!

Supporting Racial Justice Organizations

• Truth, Racial Healing, & Transformation (TRHT) – Embracing common humanity and permanently eliminating persistent racial inequities

• Why We Can’t Wait Campaign – The “Why We Can’t Wait” Campaign in support of the HR-40 bill is endorsed by dozens of organizations, associations and groups across the length and breadth of the USA.

We Aid & Support this effort by

• Turning Protests into Policy
• Putting the Truth of 400+Years of Systematic Oppression into an Archive of Racial and Cultural Healing to inform Restorative Justice!

“When you build an empire on the fallacy of white supremacy*. To our Native, Black, and other Family of Color, our allies and friends, we know that it would be our bodies dead on the ground if we even looked at the capitol building the wrong way. Be safe at home, away from this craziness, so as not to become the scapegoat for even more racial violence and hate. This terrorism has been incited due to racism, anti-Blackness, anti-indigeneity, and anti-democracy at the highest level by Trump, his cabinet, their supporters, and members of the House and Senate who have fomented this. This is not just the theatrics of sour grapes. This is at the very heart of this country and until we truly address it, until we really carve out a national focus on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation this country will never achieve its aspirations to be a citadel of hope or a beacon of freedom.

Healing America through Racial Equity

Dr. Paul Zeitz is a leader among activists for Social and Racial Justice. A true ally, with forward-thinking and optimism to lead the way, he has led him to become a major part of the advocacy efforts that established global programs. Dr. Zeitzes continues to Build Movement and continues to TAKE ACTION against Racial Injustice.


Check out the latest news and announcements involving all of the movements, that Dr.Zeitz and #unify are actively supporting and advocating.

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