Revolutionary Optimism: 2nd Episode: Marianne Williamson Calls for a Revolution for Justice and Love

Revolutionary Optimism: 2nd Episode: Marianne Williamson, 2024 Presidential Candidate, Calls for a Revolution for Justice and Love

In this episode, Dr. Zeitz sits down with Marianne Williamson, a renowned author, political activist, and spiritual leader who is pioneering a new politics of love. Together, they delve into Marianne’s transformative journey and her vision for a society rooted in love and compassion. Discover how Marianne’s unique blend of political and historical insight drives her advocacy for putting “love at the center” of our social, economic, and political systems.

Together, they discuss the urgent need for collective action in addressing crises such as the climate emergency, economic hardships, racial injustice and our crumbling democracy, and Marianne explains her key platform of an economic bill of rights, inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four freedoms. By guaranteeing basic necessities like healthcare, education, and affordable housing, and reparations for Black Americans, she believes we can repair the structural inequalities that plague our society. Join the conversation as explore ways to create a sustainable future for all Americans.

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