Revolutionary Optimism: 4th Episode: The Path of Love as the Foundation for Revolutionary

Dr. Zeitz explores the path of love and interspirituality as the foundation for revolutionary optimism with Rabbi Shefa Gold and Reverend Matthew Wright, as it aims to connect and weave together people of faith, across all religions and non-believers, that may connect humanistically–so that together we can connect, inspire, and heal, and we can embrace our common humanity.

In this captivating conversation, you will gain a deep understanding of how contemplative practices (meditation, chanting, etc.) can transform your life, build sacred interconnections with other communities, supporting our collective awakening, as we navigate the challenging times we are living through. Younger generations are longing for a love-centered spirituality that aligns each of us with our globally interconnected world. By embracing the transformative fire at the heart of all wisdom traditions, we can transcend rigid labels and identities that end up dividing us.

Both Rabbi Shefa and Reverend Matthew highlight the importance of cultivating human qualities such as compassion, humility, gentleness, patience, and kindness, utilizing the resources and practices of various traditions to deepen our lives. By putting “love at the center” of our own inner life so that we can connect and heal ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country.

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