Revolutionary Optimism: A Path Forward for 2024

In this Emergency Opportunity Podcast (EOP), we reflect on the trials and triumphs of the past year and explore the profound insights shared by our diverse array of guests. Dr. Zeitz discusses the powerful lessons learned from Rep. Barbara Lee, Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson, Rabbi Shefa Gold, and Congressman Jamie Raskin.

He emphasizes the urgency to address the climate emergency and advocates for a four-pronged climate transformation. He shares insights from direct action organizations like Climate Defiance and encourages listeners to join the movement for renewable energy and climate restoration. Dr. Zeitz passionately advocates for a peaceful revolution, putting love at the center of our social, economic, and political systems for our collective repair, justice, and peace. As we stand at a crossroads between repair and destruction, Dr. Zeitz invites listeners to choose revolutionary optimism. Join us in 2024 as we build a sacred community, explore ways of building power, and work together to create a peaceful world.

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