Revolutionary Times: Rivera Sun on Real Democracy in the USA

Join host Dr. Paul Zeitz in a captivating conversation with activist and author Rivera Sun on this episode of Revolutionary Optimism. Explore Rivera Sun’s transformative journey, from dancer to leading nonviolent movements, as they discuss the roots of activism and the challenges facing the U.S. in the midst of an authoritarian takeover of our feeble democracy.Delve into the ripening conditions for peaceful revolution in 2024. The episode explores potential scenarios, and addresses the threat of suspending the U.S. 1.0 Constitution and increasing risks of political violence. Discover insights into grassroots democracy movements, revolutions that fail, and the importance of respecting diverse perspectives.As the 2024 election approaches, gain valuable perspectives on active citizenship, strategic movements, and the pursuit of true democracy in these tumultuous times. Tune in for an inspiring exploration of revolutionary optimism and building a real democracy right here in the US. Are you ready to #unify? Learn more about the transformational movement at Optimism is hosted by Dr. Paul Zeitz and produced by Earfluence.

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