Solve the Climate Emergency in a Teetering Democracy

Revolutionary Optimism: 7th Episode: Solving the Climate Emergency in a Teetering Democracy

In this eye-opening episode, join Dr. Zeitz as he welcomes Margaret Klein Salamon, the passionate author of the second edition of “Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth,” and Rabbi Arthur Waskow, founder of the Shalom Center and a renowned spiritual leader and historian, as they dive deeply into the urgent call for collective action to combat the worst effects of climate change and discuss the concept of going “all in for all life.”

Dr. Zeitz and Margaret explore the magnitude of the climate crisis, the importance of peaceful mobilization, and the need for immediate and bold transformational action. They reflect on the current state of global climate emergency declarations and the critical role of governments, corporations, and individuals in addressing this crisis, and how Margaret’s groundbreaking work has shaped the climate mobilization movement and influenced governments and organizations worldwide.

Rabbi Arthur, with his unique blend of spiritual insight and historical expertise, shares his wisdom on the possibilities that lie ahead by analyzing the pivotal moment we find ourselves in within US history and the global context of the climate crisis. He explores the significance of the term “auspicious moment” in our current climate, drawing parallels between ancient rituals and the potential sacrifice of our planet by corporate interests, and delves into the intersection of spirituality and history, emphasizing the universal teachings of love and justice that can shape a more compassionate constitution for the United States.

Tune in for thought-provoking conversations to find inspiration to take action in these critical times, and discover how history and spirituality can guide us toward a more sustainable and equitable future.
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