Step 6- Advance modern solutions: invest in climate restoration

For far too long protecting the planet has been pitched in a false war against economic vitality. 

For far too long we’ve been led to believe that the only way for us to cool the planet is to bankrupt it. 

And for far too long, we’ve watched greed wage war on the planet, pushing us toward a mass extinction of all humanity, simply to wring MORE money which it turns out will is hastening our collective demise. 

Greed could well be the single greatest obstacle remaining to a worldwide effort to reverse the warming planet and save it. As teen activist Greta Thunberg said at the UN Climate Action Summit, “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales about eternal economic growth,” she said. “How dare you?” 

As a recent article in Vice pointed out, the climate emergency is not just about the eventual demise of Planet Earth–as if that isn’t sufficient motivation for concerted global action– but the imminent demise of capitalism as we know it. 

“A climate change-fueled switch away from fossil fuels means the worldwide economy will fundamentally need to change,” the article stated.

This all sounds rather bleak, but perhaps it’s darkest before the dawn. The path toward ending this climate emergency through climate restoration is one that combines modern technology and clean energy economic investments that, A) Ensures the survival of humanity, and B) ensures the flourishing of humanity through sustainable development investments to usher in a healthy and just way of living together.  

Here is how we will go from a #MarchToAMovement in 7 Steps: 

Step 6- Advance modern solutions

Imagine that? It can be a win-win. Maybe not WIN-AT-ALL-COSTS for the greedy, but still an economic and environmental win. 

Need further proof? How does $47 Trillion sound? That’s how much the biggest bankers in the world have already committed to divert from fossil fuel investment into clean energy. If they believe it’s a better investment, than why shouldn’t we rapidly transition renewable energy? 

In the simplest terms, Climate Restoration offers available solutions to reverse the damage already underway and remove gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere.  We can do this now with carbon-negative building materials and rapid acceleration of ocean ecosystem restoration. We have to pull the carbon from the air where it won’t continue to heat our planet.  To learn more about the best approached here is a recently published Climate Restoration White Paper published in September 2019 by the Foundation for Climate Restoration

Investment from both private and public institutions will launch climate restoration technologies and begin the work of restoring our climate, So here we are, STEP 6 on our Roadmap from a March to a Movement. It’s the “big tent” of this plan if there ever was one.

Come one, come all. Let’s work together.

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