Avoid extinction through climate restoration 

Humanity, we have a problem. We are staring at our very own extinction. That’s what I call a big problem. But we have a big solution: climate restoration. You might not have heard it put in these terms, but we humans are on the verge of polluting ourselves out of existence. The last climate conference […]

CREA for a Better World

Just what is CREA and why am I writing about it about so often?  It’s a good question, one I’ll answer in this post. But first, let me ask you a question: Did you happen to catch the World Series?  Of course, as a resident in the Washington, D.C. area I couldn’t avoid it. The […]

Step 6- Advance modern solutions: invest in climate restoration

Waging justice

For far too long protecting the planet has been pitched in a false war against economic vitality.  For far too long we’ve been led to believe that the only way for us to cool the planet is to bankrupt it.  And for far too long, we’ve watched greed wage war on the planet, pushing us […]

Step 5- Sound the Alarm: Declare a state of emergency

ave you ever sat in a building while the fire alarms blares and did nothing?  Sure, we are wary at first and think it might be a false alarm. But it continues to shrill. Eventually, we make our way outside.  We are marching to sound the alarm. It’s real. The world is on fire, but […]

Step 4- Unleash political courage: Commit to climate restoration

Millions marched.  Now trillions are being reallocated to a UN-backed “responsible banking” pledge that will fight climate change by shifting investments away from fossil fuels. UN Secretary General António Guterres told us at the Climate Summit in New York this week that these are not unrelated events.   “Recent action by some countries and businesses, as well as […]

Step 3- Consolidate our focus: Support a single bill for action

People often say our governmental leaders aren’t doing enough on climate change and they are right. The effort to date isn’t close to what’s needed to save humanity, which is why in Step 2 of our roadmap to climate justice we urged you to demand that our leaders commit to Climate Restoration, not just curbing […]

Get to stepping: Join the Global Climate Strike

Tomorrow we march.  Tomorrow we join hands with everyone, everywhere to take a stand for the survival of humanity.  Tomorrow we get to stepping…. one stride at a time, confidently rising as a collective for justice. Tomorrow is the Global Climate Strike. It is part of the UN Climate Summit’s week of action.   The strike […]

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