PRESS RELEASE CONTACT:Dr. Paul  Launch of National Peoples’ Mobilization Calls for “COVID-19 Peoples’ New Deal” Requires Putting People First, Not Profits With the unnecessary death of over 50,000 Americans and many thousands more predicted to die, the COVID-19 Emergency Response Group launched a national peoples’ mobilization today to demand that our political leaders prioritize saving […]

PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19 Task Force Urges Social Distancing During Easter, Passover, and Ramadan.

social distancing

Experts Recommend Restrictive Physical Distancing Orders During  Religious Gatherings during Easter, Passover, and Ramadan  Evidence Proves Dangerous Transmission of COVID-19 in Religious Gatherings (6 April 2020, Washington DC)  Mounting evidence demonstrates that the COVID-19 virus is rapidly being transmitted during religious gatherings in the USA where social distancing is not being implemented.  The Center for […]

The Gift of New Possibilities after Coronavirus

New Possibilities

By Rabbi Michael Lerner, special for The Coronavirus pandemic has revealed the deep spiritual crisis in our world and given us this moment to deal with it. Will we come out of this period of social distancing by feeling that we are surrounded by selfish people who have absorbed the capitalist value of “looking […]

My prescription for health in a time of coronavirus

coronavirus prescription

In this unprecedented global health crisis, information is an antidote to panic. Your health and safety in a time of coronavirus will be improved by using proper information for proper steps of action. By understanding the changes coming within our communities, states, and country, we can act together in solidarity even as we practice acts […]

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