Healing America: Waging Optimism

waging optimism

If you were sick and your physician said you had to take urgent action to remain alive, would you sit around and debate it? Not if you wanted to get well. If I were your doctor I’ll tell you to start by waging optimism and taking action!  Well, here we are, at the conclusion of […]

Healing America: We’re the Miracle


On a sunny warm Sunday in April 2000, my father-in-law, Gerald Cohen, suffered a massive heart attack, his second. He needed a miracle. He was on his way to a family celebration. He never made it. I stood in silent shock as a medical evacuation helicopter landed at the hospital, two medics bundled him into […]

Healing America: Greed is the Disease


Remember Scrooge? The story of the crushing misery brought to all by the greed of one powerful man remains within the American culture. It has been made and remade in ways to many to count.  A story with a bitter lesson of greed, how ironic that it shown only during the holiday season.  Why?  Perhaps, […]

Healing America: The Heart of America is Dying

heart of a new america

The heart of America is dying! As a physician, I know well when I see sickness. It invades every aspect of the person. It consumes everything, which may be why we so often hear the phrase, “health and vitality.” Without health, vitality is impossible. Our country is diseased because our government is diseased. The heart […]

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