Healing America: We’re the Miracle


On a sunny warm Sunday in April 2000, my father-in-law, Gerald Cohen, suffered a massive heart attack, his second. He needed a miracle. He was on his way to a family celebration. He never made it. I stood in silent shock as a medical evacuation helicopter landed at the hospital, two medics bundled him into […]

Step 7- Mobilize for the future This is not a one-time effort

A march is an event. It’s a rallying point. It’s a start. But it’s not the solution. To be effective, even a march with millions of people all filling the streets in every region of the world, must to into a movement.  And a movement can’t happen without you.  Building a Movement 2020 is this […]

Get to stepping: Join the Global Climate Strike

Tomorrow we march.  Tomorrow we join hands with everyone, everywhere to take a stand for the survival of humanity.  Tomorrow we get to stepping…. one stride at a time, confidently rising as a collective for justice. Tomorrow is the Global Climate Strike. It is part of the UN Climate Summit’s week of action.   The strike […]

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