Step 3- Consolidate our focus: Support a single bill for action

People often say our governmental leaders aren’t doing enough on climate change and they are right. The effort to date isn’t close to what’s needed to save humanity, which is why in Step 2 of our roadmap to climate justice we urged you to demand that our leaders commit to Climate Restoration, not just curbing […]

 Step 1: Forge systemic change

It felt like change, didn’t it?  Out in the streets, marching for climate justice, seeing the worldwide response of a global movement rise up, you felt the time for serious, sustainable, history-making change has arrived.    But let’s be clear: Yesterday’s Global Climate Strikes were the start. It’s a long road ahead. That’s why climate marches will […]

Today a march, tomorrow the movement for political action

The next generation is leading us today. Around the world young people are standing together, urging us all toward a new mindset that is crucial for altering the course of climate change. The Global Climate Strike has begun.  They marched in the Pacific Islands where their entire way of life is under immediate threat. Massive […]

Get to stepping: Join the Global Climate Strike

Tomorrow we march.  Tomorrow we join hands with everyone, everywhere to take a stand for the survival of humanity.  Tomorrow we get to stepping…. one stride at a time, confidently rising as a collective for justice. Tomorrow is the Global Climate Strike. It is part of the UN Climate Summit’s week of action.   The strike […]

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