The Green New Deal Was Blocked. Now What?

The climate emergency is already affecting many of us with droughts, floods, and intensifying storms — -and things will only get more dire in the years ahead. Last week, the first wave of 2019 Congressional action to address the climate crisis rolled into the Senate chamber when Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) brought the Green New Deal resolution to a floor vote.

As expected, the Republican-controlled Senate quashed this measure. Nevertheless, the legislative efforts to generate a political response to address the climate emergency are just beginning.

Despite last week’s block, the Green New Deal resolution is sparking vigorous debate among Democrats and Republicans on what can be done to address the existential threat that the climate emergency poses for the U.S. and for humanity as a whole.

Here are four promising legislative efforts on the horizon that may finally pave the way for a more sustainable future:

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