Heated: Trump’s Magical Mystery Climate Solutions

Let’s get to the root of what we may expect tomorrow during the State of the Union. I put out my statement yesterday that called for climate leaders to be ready for a GOP pivot. Heated came out with a new story on these comments.

Here’s a snippet:

It’s tempting, and perhaps wise, to think that Trump was just making stuff up—that actually, we won’t “be hearing about” any unbelievable “answer” or technology to address the climate crisis from the Trump administration any time soon.

But Paul Zeitz, a senior policy adviser for the Foundation for Climate Restoration and co-founder of Build a Movement 2020, doesn’t think that’s true.

The “things” Zeitz thinks Trump is specifically talking about are climate restoration technologies—that is, technologies to restore the climate to the way it was before humans started pumping carbon into the atmosphere. Climate restoration technologies include things as simple as planting trees, and as complicated as using sand-like sprays to thicken rapidly melting ice sheets. The latter is a technology already used by the oil industry.

“Our analysis of [Trump’s] statements … confirmed by other contacts, and our interpretation of the political moment we are in, indicate that there is strong likelihood that new [climate restoration] commitments will be made by President Trump during his State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 4, 2020,” Zeitz said in an email.

Read the entire story here.

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