Urge candidates to take Climate Restoration Emergency Action

If you’re like me you’re following the presidential candidates, the impeachment proceedings and the flurry of news coming out of Washington with a high degree of wariness. It’s noisy and disturbing and eventually, we go a bit numb.

For example, there was only one question in this week’s Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Debate on climate change.

We must break through the noise because there is great news coming out of the effort to not only slow global warming but to actually restore the Earth to a healthy habitat for generations to come. 

To accomplish this ambitious, yet absolutely necessary goal, we must elect a President in 2020 that will lead Climate Restoration Emergency Action (CREA). And so far, the entire slate of candidates are coming up short. Take a look: 

Democratic voters in Iowa and around the country should be alarmed by the lack of ambition to address climate change by the Presidential candidates. All of the candidates are failing to respond adequately to our climate emergency. We need more than rhetoric and empty promises. Climate Restoration Emergency Action (CREA) won’t be easy by any stretch of the imagination. Yet with bold leadership, it’s affordable and achievable. CREA is a bold, whole-of-government and global effort to catalyze a fast transition to a net-zero carbon economy by 2030, massive carbon dioxide removal, and climate restoration by 2050– thereby ensuring the survival of humanity and our natural world.  

It’s time to raise contact these candidates directly, and we’ve made it so easy for you to do in just a few clicks and a couple of minutes online. 

Click here and you’ll come to a simple form that will directly email presidential candidates urging them to take bold action for climate restoration. 

Then post to social media and ask your friends to take action as well. Tell them to go to the Build A Movement 2020 Action Center at this link: https://www.bam2020.world/action-center It’s that easy. And it can be very powerful. 

Now is the time for voters to make sure the next President leads a global movement for climate restoration. 

Let’s join forces with all Americans and vigorously demand action to restore our climate. 



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