Voting Rights: Mobilize to Protect 2020 Election

voting rights

Rarely is the ideal the norm. But when it comes to voting rights in America, nothing less than ideal — one person, one vote, all counted fairly — should be acceptable.

But as we saw just last week in state primaries from Wisconsin, Ohio, and most notably (and perhaps egregiously) Georgia, the ideal remains a myth. Broken voting machines, hours-long lines (in mostly minority populated precincts) shocked the nation and led to calls for investigation and sweeping voting procedural change.

We cannot sit back and hope for better outcomes. We must act. Now. 

Voting Right Town Hall Live on Facebook

Join an online Emergency Election Protection 2020 Town Hall on Facebook this Wednesday, June 17th, 3 pm Eastern/noon Pacific to explore how we can protect voting rights for all. This webinar is meant to provide activists, organizers, citizens with core information on the conduct of the 2020 elections and how we can work together to protect voter rights at this critical time in history. 

Increasingly public figures are wary of tactics by The Trump Administration to suppress minority voters. Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden told Trevor Noah, “It’s my greatest concern, my single greatest concern: This president is going to steal this election.”

NBA great Lebron James and other sports figures have formed a voting rights group to help protect the vote in minority communities. 

At a time when we stand in solidarity with peaceful protestors chanting “Black Lives Matter,” we must all do our part to ensure votes matter, especially in minority communities which have historically been the target of voter suppression tactics. 

The basic right to vote is perhaps the most sacrosanct principle in American government, even if from our nation’s inception powerful people have tried to limit who actually gets that right. With so much riding on this election, we must do everything possible to ensure every vote is counted.

Don’t miss this important town hall hosted by Solartopia and the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Group and BAM 2020.

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