Waging Justice

A Doctor’s Journey To Speak Truth and Be Bold

Waging Justice is a deeply personal story of courage and compassion with global implications. Dr. Zeitz is a man of conscience who shares my commitment to bringing hope to the world’s poor. Please read Waging Justice. You won’t regret it!

In unflinching prose, Dr. Paul Zeitz shares a lifetime of struggles and hard-won lessons as a doctor, activist, father and son. His complex dance between healing others and healing himself ultimately transforms his inexplicable anger into a full-throttled, open-hearted, soul-satisfying action. “Waging Justice” is his personal story and yet also a universal one: a story of action, of courage and also of forgiveness. It is also a rallying cry to wage justice in our own lives, speak the truth, be bold and serve justice for all by taking action in our world today.

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for Waging Justice

Waging Justice is a deeply personal story of courage and compassion with global implications. This heartfelt memoir shows how a doctor with vision can help fix what’s broken in our world. Dr. Zeitz is a man of conscience who shares my commitment to bringing hope to the world’s poor. Please read Waging Justice. You won’t regret it!”

“I’ve known Paul since 2001 when we first teamed up in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, and we’ve worked together ever since. I’m moved by the backstory in Waging Justice, as Paul inspires me with his courage and tenacity. Put the biggest boulder in the path of the ambitious, stubborn, and hardworking Dr. Paul Zeitz and you can be sure he’ll find a way around it. If not over it, under it, or around it, he’ll grab a jackhammer and pound right through it. Paul is a driving force in ending the epidemics of AIDS, poverty, and sexual abuse that are raging through the world. Paul brings his can-do spirit to everything he does, including fighting for justice. This is a book you want to, no, you have to read. Dr. Zeitz’s voice should be heard by everyone.”

“In a world of searing injustice and glaring inequality, Dr. Paul Zeitz is a reminder that love, truth, and compassion remain the strongest forces on earth. His story is inspiring, challenging, and hope-restoring. I hope Waging Justice is read widely and his example is emulated more widely still. With people like Dr. Zeitz on our side, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is not just possible, it’s distinctly probable.”

“By raising his voice and standing up for what is right, Dr. Paul Zeitz’s work has saved countless lives. Paul has made invaluable contributions to global health with his bold vision for addressing the AIDS crisis and his passionate advocacy in Washington and on the global stage.
Waging Justice is a must-read for the peace and justice warriors of our time.”

“Dr. Paul Zeitz’s story is a combination of serving humanity according to his oath as a health professional and questioning the injustice and inequality surrounding us. He does so fearlessly, with courage and passion. Waging Justice is what everyone in the world who is working on sustainable development needs and a must-read for professionals and activists.”

Waging Justice is one of those special books that shows someone to be ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Dr. Paul Zeitz is just a regular guy but his journey so far has been nothing short of amazing. All of us have the ‘defiance gene,’ but Paul hows us that when you put your mind and heart to it, you can achieve wonderful things, whether at home or on the world stage. This book is inspiring, whether you want to be a better parent or want to end poverty around the world—or both.”

Waging Justice is an extraordinary testament to the courage of one man, Dr. Paul Zeitz, who fights to build a world of greater justice and equity. This is a story of a man with a vision and a mission, a man with deep determination to do as much as he could to help heal the world, and a man who finds ways to emerge from the burdens of personal trauma to be able to make a difference for others. In Waging Justice, Dr. Zeitz travels the world, sets up organizations, builds relationships, and speaks truth to power. Determined to wage justice, he would not let go of his vision, and as a result he built amazing coalitions to bring health and justice to all people. Hundreds of thousands of children in the world owe their lives to his actions.”

Waging Justice is a moving story that traces the path of a life dedicated to seeking justice. Dr. Paul Zeitz takes us on a journey of global activism for equality forged in a very personal mission to reclaim and rediscover dignity.  This memoir is a fascinating, intimate exploration of the connection between confronting personal challenges and taking effective public action. Waging Justice is valuable reading for anyone interested in the personal seeds of political change.”

“Dr. Paul Zeitz is a passionate, articulate and visionary change-maker—but above all he is courageous, showing us how healing oneself and healing the world are intricately connected. Waging Justice is truly trailblazing, standing up to centuries of taboo and secrecy, and opening the door for ALL of us who have experienced sexual violence to come forward. Waging Justice invites us to let go of the shame we often carry, and to be part of a global and inclusive healing movement.”

“A bold, honest and courageous tale by an unusual human being. Dr. Paul Zeitz bares it all in this story of his life’s struggles to find inner peace whilst fighting injustices of this world, including as a dedicated AIDS activist who fought so hard to help so many in Africa. Waging Justice is captivating and full of surprises, making it difficult to put down.”

Waging Justice provides an intimate slice of the history of the global fight against AIDS and it is a story of personal healing, frankly told. Dr. Paul Zeitz is a hero in the fight against the AIDS pandemic who transformed personal pain into a global commitment to boldly tackle the injustices that have allowed this pandemic to persist. Coming at a time when the United States Government is wavering in its commitment to bring the AIDS pandemic to an end, this book is an important appeal on behalf of millions of people whose lives are at stake.”

Waging Justice is a savagely honest account of faith, love, and conviction. Dr. Paul Zeitz’s quest to sustain passion and compassion through physical, mental, and professional barriers reads like a roadmap for any seeking to know thyself in order to serve others. Through the decades of navigating turmoil both global and internal, Dr. Zeitz exemplifies qualities of youth with boundless energy and magnetic optimism that continues to permeate his work.”

Waging Justice is a significant book that inspires and charms, but most importantly, it is a book that helps us know the personal as political. The courage it takes to transform the world is the very same courage that is needed to heal ourselves. With beauty and humor, Dr. Zeitz shows us that it is only through our own personal healing that we find the hope, resilience, and valor to change the world.”

“A very personal and mission-critical story, Waging Justice traces the genesis of one man’s fierce social justice activism to its roots in his own lived experience of injustice and pain. Dr. Paul Zeitz takes us through the maze of trenches on the front line in the war against HIV/AIDS and reveals a rich tapestry—from the very personal to the brutally political struggle of the world’s 36 million who live every day with HIV. Waging Justice is a story of commitment, determination, vision, and belief—it inspires hope in all of us that one little step in the right direction can transform the self and the world for better and for good.”

Waging Justice is an amazing book that you’ll want to read twice. Once holding your breath as a poignant story of abuse, incest, and reconciliation unfolds. A second time to savor the vision, integrity, honesty, and energy of a man of justice who inspires us all to fight a little harder for the world’s children.”

“Dr. Paul Zeitz has been at the center of transforming health rights denial and climate chaos, two of the planet’s greatest challenges. His story that is deeply personal and political at the same time. Waging Justice is relevant in a world where we have the knowledge and financial resources to keep the entire world safe, healthy and dignified, yet millions die needlessly.”

“Reading Waging Justice is an opportunity to walk in the shoes of a doctor turned humanitarian and turned fighter for social justice during the height of the AIDS crisis and beyond. It’s an intimate journey through the Dr. Zeitz’s fascinating life and how he came to make the choices that so few often do. It’s inspiring to witness his transformation and provides the reader with hope for our future. Waging Justice is highly recommended for all to read.”

“I honor Dr. Paul Zeitz, a bold and courageous physician and activist, for the way he has chosen to share his truth and passion in such a vulnerable, riveting memoir. The tremendously inspiring Waging Justice motivates all of us to join together to combat the many ills and injustices of our society. From a psychological perspective, this memoir beautifully chronicles how facing our inner demons empowers us to be able to thrive even more in our personal and professional lives, and intimately demonstrates the power of love in overcoming significant life barriers. Today more than ever, Dr. Zeitz’s story stands as a testimony for how one man can make a tremendous difference, offering hope in a time when it can be difficult to hold on. And although one person can achieve greatness, when he or she joins forces with other passionate, loving, justice-seeking pioneers, the impact on millions is felt globally.”

“In his raw, courageous, and unflinchingly honest memoir, Waging Justice, Dr. Paul Zeitz shows us a path of integrity from the inside out. He gives us an intimate look at what is sometimes a torturous journey healing his personal childhood trauma and making the world safe and healthy for all children. It is possible to heal our own wounds and serve the world. Indeed it is essential. Don’t miss reading this book.”

Waging Justice—what name could be more apropos for a book that takes on world-sized issues and a doctor’s prescription for action for the challenging times in which we currently live. Boldly tackled and told, Dr. Paul Zeitz’s memoir is an inspiring book that I strongly recommend for anyone who wants to make a real change in themselves and in our world… today!”

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