Waging Justice

A Doctor’s Journey To Speak Truth and Be Bold

Waging Justice is a deeply personal story of courage and compassion with global implications. Dr. Zeitz is a man of conscience who shares my commitment to bringing hope to the world’s poor. Please read Waging Justice. You won’t regret it!

In unflinching prose, Dr. Paul Zeitz shares a lifetime of struggles and hard-won lessons as a doctor, activist, father and son. His complex dance between healing others and healing himself ultimately transforms his inexplicable anger into a full-throttled, open-hearted, soul-satisfying action. “Waging Justice” is his personal story and yet also a universal one: a story of action, of courage and also of forgiveness. It is also a rallying cry to wage justice in our own lives, speak the truth, be bold and serve justice for all by taking action in our world today.

100% of proceeds donated for sustainable development.


Written on Waging Justice

“In his engrossing book, [Dr.] Zeitz ably finds a way to balance the telling of his personal and professional challenges and achievements, and is particularly effective in showing how they affect one another.”

“In Waging Justice, Dr. Paul Zeitz delivers an inspiring memoir… Zeitz illuminates how such traumatic struggles and his drive to activism inform one another, giving the narrative a particularly human component.”

“Simultaneously a personal memoir and documentary, Waging Justice is a guide for current and future activists, rich with lessons learned and take-away strategies that can be applied to any cause…”

“An inspirational and important memoir chronicling Dr. Paul Zeitz lifetime of struggles and hard-won lessons…”


“…a poignant, moving, and compelling piece of nonfiction that will help, inspire and captivate its readers…”

“Through self-reflection and admissions of struggle, its inspirational prose elevates the pursuit of the global good.”

“Zeitz beautifully explains how to transform personal challenges into a mission to pursue one’s destiny while helping others.”

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