Award-Winning Global Justice and Human Rights Advocate Dr. Paul Zeitz Releases Inspiring New Memoir ‘Waging Justice – A Doctor’s Journey to Speak Truth and Be Bold’

A healer by profession, Dr. Paul Zeitz has channeled his efforts beyond medicine as chronicled in his compelling new memoir “Waging Justice: A Doctor’s Journey to Speak Truth and Be Bold” which details his lifetime of hard-won lessons as a doctor, activist, husband, father, and son. Dr. Zeitz invites readers to join him during his complex dance between healing others and healing himself, which ultimately transforms the inexplicable anger and disappointment he felt at the state of the world and his own past into full-throttled, open-hearted, soul-satisfying action set on a global stage.

As an award-winning advocate for global justice and human rights, “Waging Justice” presents itself as a source of inspiration behind Dr. Zeitz’s efforts to “Build A Movement 2020,” which aims to bring urgency to bold action by people around the world to help achieve climate-smart sustainable development, climate and ocean restoration; gender equality; revitalize American democracy; end AIDS; advocate for universal health care; and end child sexual abuse and incest—to usher in a more just and peaceful world.

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