Build A Movement 2020 Calls for National Mobilization to Heal America and Ratify New America 2.0 Constitution

 The heart of our democracy is dying. The American promise — of liberty and justice for all — is in jeopardy. This is an urgent, existential threat to our way of life and the potential for future generations to flourish under American ideals. Build A Movement 2020 (BAM2020) stands for the possibility that justice-hearted Americans can join forces today and heal the greed disease that is killing the “heart” of America. It’s no longer workable to stand by and hope that the problem will magically be fixed by others. It won’t.

BAM2020 invites all justice-hearted Americans to join forces and demand the rapid ratification of a new America 2.0 Constitution that can authentically be written “by the people, for the people,” and insure that “liberty and justice for all” can be realized in our time. A National People’s Convention is proposed for September 12-17, 2019. Signing of a new America 2.0 Constitution is proposed on September 17, 2019—Constitution Day. Ratification by the Federal/State governments is proposed by September 30, 2019, through peaceful, non-violent, mass-demonstrations.

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