National Movement Calling on the Biden-Harris Transition Team to #UnLockTheTruth

 #UnLockTheTruth by Launching a US National Commission for  Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation in their first 100 Days

(December 3, 2020) LOS ANGELES, CA —  Today, the #breathewithme Revolution partnered with NowThis, and a roster of activists in support of a call on the Biden-Harris Transition Team to launch a United States Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT) in the first 100 days of their new Administration.

Leigh Blake, Co-Founder of the #breathewithme Revolution and the Black America ReFund stated, “The days of lip service and empty posts are over.  We call on everyone who said they cared to take real racial justice action. We call on President-Elect Biden and Vice-President Elect Harris to initiate bold racial healing through a US Truth Commission”

Link to NowThis Video here:  NowThis #breathewithme Revolution Video

The #breathewithme Revolution salutes the leadership of Senator Cory Booker for introducing ground-breaking legislation today to establish the Nation’s First-ever U.S. Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation (TRHT) Commission.   Senator Booker’s effort complements the ongoing momentum in the House of Representatives through H. Con. Resolution 100 introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee in June 2020, which has 169 additional cosponsors.  The bicameral resolutions state that the  historic justification for the Commission: “it is in our collective national interest to urgently address the unhealed, entrenched divisions.”

Professor Marcus Anthony Hunter from UCLA’s Department of African American Studies, states: “Black people have earned and deserve the truth. Unless we are committed to achieving truth, racial healing, and transformation, we will never see or live in the America we need and deserve. It is time we work together with all Americans to unlock the truth of racial injustice, heal America, and transform our future for justice”

The #breathewithme Revolution is bringing together artists, activists, journalists, educators, cultural icons and movement leaders to advocate for a U.S. TRHT National Commission as well as local Truth Commissions in cities and states to galvanize transformational policies that dismantle systemic racism.

In the NowThis video released today, in addition to Billie Eilish and Sasha Lane, support comes from activists David Johns, Nialah Edari, Kwame Rose, Dr. Harry Grammer, Kevin Powell, Dr. Salamishah Tillet, Scheherazade Tillet, Leigh Blake, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. Marcus Anthony Hunter, and Van Jones.

The #breathewithme Revolution has catalyzed an unprecedented national movement to support both a U.S. Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) Commission with the ultimate goal of implementing lasting and transformative local, regional and national policies dismantling the systemic racism that has continually interfered with and injured Black lives, Black communities, Black entrepreneurial endeavors,  and Black businesses.  A key component of this national legislative effort is that the TRHT Commission will concurrently establish a national Archive of Racial and Cultural Healing (ARCH). The ARCH is a legendary initiative that will serve as a highly-accessible, digital, and multi-sited “repository of accountability” for restorative justice, designed to create and maintain an accurate national history of 400+ years of racial injustice.

This project will inform policy, law, and social justice efforts and provide evidence archived to advance the broad movement for Reparations, especially economically repairing and restoring Black communities and businesses.  The #breathewithme Revolution is building a coalition of universities, technology experts and documentation partners to curate and design an eventual physical repository for data, transcripts and footage that document, narrate and make publicly available 400+ years’ of the American terrors, horrors, harms and broken promises endured by Black people.

ABOUT the #breathewithme Revolution

The #breathewithme Revolution is a movement to turn protest into policy and is led by co-founders Prophet and Damien Smith of the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC) and Leigh Blake and Ann Haggart of Fame Currency  Co-founders and design by Sia Lyimo and Andy Downham of  Kandi London.  The leadership team includes Professor Marcus Anthony Hunter, Inaugural Chair of the Department of African American Studies at UCLA; Indy03, Artist and Dr. Paul Zeitz, Executive Director, Build A Movement 2020. #breathewithme Revolution is operating under the fiscal sponsorship of The Giving Back Fund (GBF).

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