President Trump May Shock Nation With Unexpected Climate Announcement

— Washington insiders are chattering that President Donald Trump may unexpectedly propose new climate investments in his upcoming State of the Union speech to surprise voters and shock world leaders. This climate announcement would be a significant shift for the administration.

“Everyone in the cross-partisan climate restoration movement agrees that the three pillars of climate action–Restoration, Adaptation, and Mitigation (RAM)–is the only right way to move forward,” says Dr. Paul Zeitz, Co-Founder of Build a Movement 2020.

“I hope Trump does commit to take action on climate, and we’ll be watching closely. As a doctor, I swore an oath, ‘First, do no harm.” So I’ll do everything possible to ensure that Trump does NO MORE HARM to our planet. So far, his disturbing approaches are threatening efforts to return to a proven safe and healthy climate that could ensure the survival of humanity for future generations.”

Indications of Trump’s pivot on climate action came last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, when Trump claimed he is not a climate change denier, even as he repudiated environmental activists as “heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune tellers,” and “perennial prophets of doom.”

But then he signed on to the One Trillion Trees initiative–alongside the United Nations Environment Programme–to restore a trillion trees on earth by 2050 as a natural solution to reduce atmospheric CO2.

“I now believe it’s very possible that Trump will announce investment in both natural and technological climate solutions on land and potentially in the oceans,” says Zeitz. “We don’t know if what Trump proposes will be safe and effective, so we are calling on world leaders to establish strong guardrails against unilateral action that could do more harm than good.”

“Additionally, we don’t know if Trump will prioritize Arctic ice restoration, which is my top priority, to reduce the risk of catastrophic methane releases which could trigger a human extinction event in the next 2-15 years,” says Zeitz.

Zeitz cautions that humanity has no time to lose. But the good news is that there are solutions available to fix the problem. Investors and asset managers are moving away from fossil fuels, and eyeing up to $8 trillion dollars per year market opportunities in climate restoration.

What is Climate Restoration? It means returning the Earth’s climate systems to a proven safe and healthy state. This requires bringing atmospheric CO2 to proven safe levels of less than 300 parts per million (PPM) and restoring sufficient Arctic ice to prevent permafrost melt and the resulting disastrous methane emissions.

Dr. Paul Zeitz is a physician and epidemiologist and Co-Founder of Build a Movement 2020, which proudly serves as an initiating partner of the Global Climate Restoration Task Force. Previously, Zeitz work in the State Department during the Obama and Trump Administrations on global AIDS, sustainable development and the climate emergency. To learn more: and

Contact: Dr. Paul Zeitz

SOURCE Build A Movement 2020

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