Waging Optimism: A Doctors’ Rx in a Time of Coronavirus & Climate Emergency


I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy as we all hunker down and shelter-in-place.  Please let me know if I can provide you any support. I’m happy to check in by FaceTime or Zoom. As you know, we are all in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic–a dire time, perhaps our generation’s greatest challenge, so far. It is already overwhelming, and the worst is yet to come, and we have to support each other, strengthen our resilience, sustain our courage, and call on our leaders to take bold action—for the long challenging months ahead to end the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges to come. 

The stakes are high, and getting higher every day.

While we are hunkering down, and strengthening our resolve to solve the challenges coming our way, if you have a few moments tomorrow morning, I am asking for your help to spread the word about my offering of WAGING OPTIMISM, my new book (description below) being released online tomorrow:


On Friday, March 20, from 9:00 AM EDT – 12:00 Noon Eastern Daylight Time (or anytime afterwards), please click here for the Kindle version for just $0.99 to purchase. I assure you that Waging Optimism, is a  powerful approach to staying strong during these difficult times.  You can even send Waging Optimism as a gift to your family members for under a dollar. (By purchasing the kindle version during the online book launch, you can help Waging Optimism become an Amazon bestseller).

If you have time, please post and share it on your social media. Invite everyone you know to move past fear and isolation to action, optimism, and community in these troubled times. Please tag me when you do so I can also share your message.

Yours sincerely in optimism,

Waging Optimism offers a personal philosophy and political vision for addressing the major challenges facing humanity.  With persistent optimism, we can each make commitments and build movements, so together we can usher in a new era of justice. In Waging Optimism Part 1, Ensuring the Survival and Flourishing of Humanity, published in March 2020, Zeitz calls for urgent political action to restore a proven, safe and healthy climate by transforming America’s greed-driven politics. He proposes a bold new cross-partisan political movement and citizen’s assemblies to transform our democracy so that America can address the climate emergency that is spiraling out of control.  Zeitz envisions a new America 2.0 Constitution that would establish an authentic democracy, enabling Americans to unify, flourish, and ensure the survival of humanity.

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